Tell me about your first ride of the ‘Season’

Happily, the streets were dry and I decided to ride my bike to a B2W Consultant client meeting.

If you live in the Midwest or the East, you are quite tired of the winter, and I daresay, even in other parts of the country, the winter season has seemed quite long.  I was happy to get my road bike out and go to a meeting, even if it was 16 degrees.

The route for this meeting was one where there is a hill. In the summer I have no problem climbing it,  but it still is steep.  I turned onto the hill and continued riding…and then…a giggle came out of my mouth.  Surprised…I laughed.   Then, another giggle.

I am over 40…and I like to laugh…but what a surprise for me to hear a giggle coming out of my mouth when riding up the hill.  And I couldn’t suppress it either….the rest of the climb….giggles continued to pop out.
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Yes, I was happy to be able to ride my bike, even up a hill.  That first ride, after a icy and snowy winter….Priceless.  By the way….I had on a light fleece jacket, Pearl iZUMI high vis jacket and mitten-gloves.  I was plenty warm.

E-mail me with a description of your first ride of the season….even if you rode all winter.  I’m guessing you still have a story about the first nice day.

Spring is coming! Bike on!

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