Ride of Silence: 2014 Wednesday, May 21

Check your local listings for the ride in your area.  Go to www.rideofsilence.org

Have you ever had a bike accident?

I am thankful I have only had two bike accidents..and none severe.  One was on a trail, and one was on the road.  We are all careful, and think that it won’t/can’t happen to us, but it can.  Just as in a car, we are subject to others on the road, be it vehicular or another bicyclist.  As cyclists, we must be watchful of anyone around us and be able to react accordingly.

Years ago, when in a relationship with my soon to be husband, I had a one speed orange bike.  It looked like a 10-speed (am I dating myself?) and I loved it.  Clarification:  10-speed= 21+ speed, drop handle bars/road bike style.

My fiancee threw it away when I was at work.  I was understandably angry, but he promised to get me a new and better one after we were married.  In the throes of love, I believed him.

He did tell me that his aunt was killed on a bike, and even though I felt bad for him and his family, it did not resonate with me; I was going to be  VERY CAREFUL on my bike.

I never did get my bike from him…and went many years without one, until one Mother’s Day/Birthday:  my oldest daughter Kirstin bought me a ‘new’ bike.  It was grey, and I was ecstatic to have a bike again.   The bike issue was one I  still did harbor some anger about.
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That marriage eventually did end, but I was riding a significant amount in the later years.  It is only now when I am on more roads than trails, and I’ve had a few close encounters with vehicular drivers, do I really come only a little closer to  understanding what devastation it could be to loved ones when an accident happens.   I know my then husband was concerned for my safety, as is my present husband.  Just like your loved ones are concerned for you when you ride.

For those who have lost a loved one….my heart goes out to you.  The Ride of Silence, a movement across the nation, honors those who have been killed or injured on a bike, brings awareness to all that bicyclists are on the road and to be careful.   We also stand together that we must all SHARE THE ROAD.  

I hope you participate in the ride in your community.  It is a way to honor those who have gone before.




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