Nichole Profile

Nikki Davidson, President of Bike2Work Consultants is an avid bicyclist and runner.  She is also a longtime advocate for all things biking. She is passionate about the sport, the leisure activity and all the benefits that bicycle commuting offers employees and employers.  Nikki loves her community and she enjoys connecting with the people in her community; and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Nikki’s involvement in her community spans more than 20 years.  She has biked in many charity events including MS 150 Bike Rides and is a multiple-year rider in Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI).  Nikki’s volunteer service in her community includes service in many capacities and many organizations including Habitat for Humanity, CR RAGBRAI Local Committee and Bike CR (formerly City of Cedar Rapids Bike Advisory Committee).  She has served as a race director, presenter at various conferences including Iowa Bike Summit and as a trainer where she has led hands-on training bike events.  She has also invested her marketing skills in community service, promoting various events, preparing marketing material and appearing on TV/Radio interviews.

Determined to educate, train, and inspire individuals, local businesses and corporations how to capture the benefits of bicycle commuting she launched Bike2Work Consultants where she serves as President.  The mission of Bike2Work Consultants is to provide practical guidance incorporating bicycle commuting.  Bicycle commuting helps individuals realize a better quality of life by proactively increasing a sense of well-being that leads to increased productivity and positive lifestyle choices that holistically impacts the individual and the workplace.  Nikki understands the importance of the bottom line.  She has a synergistic approach to promoting a greener community, a healthier population and a thriving economy.  Bike2Work Consultants designs programs that promote a healthy workforce and benefits both employees and employers.


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