My Yellow Car

Sacrilege!  How can a bike to work consultant even THINK about driving a car?

How?  Because when you do choose to bike to work, it is not an all or nothing proposition.

I have had my car in for repairs on the paint for two months.  There were some times that I did miss it greatly.  I did have access to another car, but I like to ride my bike (is there a song there? :). I rode my pink bike to many appointments, and for many errands.  I even rode to a much better parking at a graduation when you ride your bike!

But I do love my yellow car.  It’s a 2004 yellow car….economical.  But it can haul stuff…including my bike.  And when it rained for some early morning appointments during Bike to Work week…well…yes, I missed my car.  I missed hauling stuff. That week I especially missed that it hauled my bike.   The car I had access to hauled groceries, but not bikes.  The car wasn’t cute, speedy and fun to drive.  And it wasn’t a fun color either.

BUT I did survive….and thrive!  I still loved riding my bike even though I got rained on.  My appointments understood.  And yes, at appropriate times, I did bring a change of clothes when wet bike clothes just weren’t professional enough.  I was able to utilize bathrooms to change and clean up.  It can be done.  Employers, listen up:

Two of the most asked for amenities for cyclists biking to work are

1)  Secure parking and

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I’d like to think I practice what I preach.  It is possible to bike to work.  It is STILL refreshing, healthy, economical and environmentally friendly…even in the rain.  I didn’t know I wouldn’t have my car for two months, but that’s ok, ’cause I can do most of what I need to on my bike.

I did miss my car and was happy to get it back…looking great!  Tomorrow…I am going to do something that I cannot do on my bike:  Go get some mulch, and some sod….summer is here…but I still need to do some hauling for lawn work that was planned for Spring.  After that?  I’m going to ride my bike.  I’ll be smiling on both trips.

How do YOU work your errands with a bike?  email me at:



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